Fitness tracker with bioimpedance technology that measures your body composition, activity and heart rate. Track your activity and perform better.

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Body composition and hydration

Bioimpedance analysis allows AURA Band to measure fat and muscle mass in your body


Heart rate measurement

You can easily measure your heart rate right away, and track changes over time


Activity tracking

AURA Band keeps track of your distance and burned calories


Syncs with your favorite apps

Transfer all the data that AURA Band has to your Apple Healthkit safely and securely

Know your body

You can make a series of measurements day-by-day after a workout and get a trend of your body transformation in the app history.

Bioimpedance is the breakthrough, state-of-the-art technology behind AURA Band. It is the only way to understand how your body changes over a day truly. Body composition analysis breaks down your body into four components: fat, muscle mass, minerals, and body water. You can get more from your fitness activity because you'll know how it affects your body.


Constant body composition tracking will make your workouts and fitness activity much more interactive because you'll see how your body is changing.


Your goals

With AURA Band you can precisely track your body changes and achieve fitness goals. For example, if you want to become stronger, you can just set a target numerical goal in AURA App, like to gain 7 pounds of muscles during a month and lose 4 pounds of fat, monitor your body composition every day and track your progress.

This way you will know which workouts or activities fit your body better. It will help you achieve your goal faster.


Bioelectrical impedance vector analysis

Bioelectric Impedance Vector Analysis (BIVA) is a graphic display that was developed for a better body impedance interpretation. It presents coordinate systems with tolerance zones for the graphic display of body impedance with hydration, fat, and muscle mass indices.

AURA Devices conducts this analysis and presents its results on display in addition to the traditional display of BIA numerical values, percentile curves, and bar graphs. Our system will help you to understand how your body changes after every single measurement.



Our bodies are about 70% water. So it makes sense that one of the most important things related to your health is hydration. Water gives us mineral elements and even more critical, electrolytes. With AURA Band, you can monitor hydration levels every day or every hour (or even more frequently if you want).

You can get dehydrated and not even know, as our body does not necessarily signal us about it. AURA Band tells you when to drink a glass of water based on your activity data and your body hydration levels.


Your data in one app

AURA App safely & securely keeps all fitness data with easy to access for the user.

Your goals
Bioelectrical impedance analysis
Your data in one app

Precisely track your activity and heart rate

AURA Band keeps track of your fat, muscle and bone volume as well as your hydration levels

A 9-axis motion sensor and red/infrared pulse sensors allow you to know everything about your activity and heart performance. We not only count your steps but detect the type of activity and measure your heart rate along with the variability of that rate. AURA Band carefully stores all the data during the day and provides detailed analysis in the App.


AURA Band continuously tracks your activity and pulse. Pulse is measured every 15 minutes or more frequently, depending on your activity level.


Activity tracking

AURA Band knows when you're walking, resting, or doing sports. A highly sensitive motion sensor tracks and analyses your activities and health data, and the Band stores it for up to 24h without connection to your phone. Based on this data, the device computes how many calories you burned.

An intelligent goals system will tell you how many calories you need to burn by the end of the day. You can find a detailed history of your fitness activity in the app.


Heart rate

Red and infrared sensors measure your pulse, HRV, and blood oxygenation continuously. Your increasing activity levels will increase the measurement frequency, so every heartbeat can be stored for future analysis.



AURA Band meets IP67 water resistance standards, which means you can wash your hands or take shower with the device

Activity tracking
Heart rate measurement

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Previously, to get this kind of data you’d need to visit a fitness center with the right equipment, a sports therapist, or a nutritionist. The AURA Band puts it on your wrist, and makes it available at all times

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The AURA Band focuses on real-time information about activity and your body’s state, allowing you to make actionable decisions about your health

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The eventual dream for wearable fitness devices is to allow us to see how our body reacts to the things we do, so we can fully understand our actions and make positive changes - AURA Devices is hoping to bring better real-time feedback…

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AURA monitors your fat and muscle percentage, hydration levels, heart rate, and activity all at once so that you've always got a complete picture of your health and fitness achievements

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  • Features

    Fat, Muscle, Bone percentage monitoring
    Hydration levels tracking
    Steps & burned Calories count
    Activity type detecting: Walking, Jogging, Cycling
    Dust & Water protection (IP67 standard)
    Bluetooth 4.2

  • In/Out

    6 LED lights
    Vibration motor
    Incoming calls and messages notifications

  • Up to 7 days

    Rechargeable Li-Po battery
    Charger with USB Type-C cable

  • Sensors

    Optical Red/IR heart rate sensor
    9-axis movement tracking module
    Body composition & Hydration level analysis unit

  • Enclosure

    Durable Stainless Steel body
    Scratch-resistant PVD coating
    Size: 44 ✕ 25 ✕ 5 mm
    Weight: 22 g



  • Package


    • AURA Band with PVD coating
    • Straps in S/M and M/L sizes (fits 130-210 mm wrists)
    • Charging station
    • USB Type-C cable (0.5m) with Type-A adapter
    • Reset Pin
    • Quickstart guide


Choose your color

Build and buy your AURA Band from a variety of Case and Strap colors

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AURA Band is the one and only fitness tracker that measures how much fat and muscle you have and tracks your hydration levels along with heart rate and activity tracking.

A series of day-by-day measurements provides a trend of your body composition changes. It makes your workouts more efficient because you can understand (by numbers) what exercise is definitely good or bad for you.

Yes, AURA Band measures how much water you have in your body with the help of bioimpedance analysis.

AURA Band continuously tracks your activity and heart rate during a day. Moreover, the device increases the frequency of heart rate measurements if you're becoming more active.

Yes, you can take a shower or wash hands with your AURA Band. The device meets the IP67 waterproof standard.

Electrodes on each side of the device are made of medical stainless steel (contains nickel).

AURA Band works up to 7 days on a single charge.

No, we don't recommend using the device with a pacemaker.